Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Chapter Four - Ooooh Baby!

Laura keeps on working right up until the baby is born. She gets an assignment from City Hall to photograph Redwood Harbour looking its best so that the new tourism website makes the town look as appealing as possible. She's only about a third of the way through the assignment, and she's earned $250 already.

The time passes quickly, and before long Yousseff receives a call asking him to come to the hospital to be with Laura when their baby is born. Of course he rushes down into town, and arrives just in time to see Rebecca Dawn Buckland arrive in the world. She's so cute (though her proud and doting parents may be biased!).

The labour is not too problematic, and Laura is able to leave the hospital straight away. She, Yousseff and Rebecca get a taxi home, ready to start their new life as a family of three! They don't have much in the way of furniture, because Yousseff isn't working and Laura is still finding her feet as a photographer, but they're managing alright and they have a crib for their new daughter, at least.

Rebecca proves to be a delightful baby, and life goes back to normal within hours of her parents bringing her home. Yousseff spends most of his time looking after Rebecca, and Laura goes out to take photos of the town. She's almost done with her assignment from City Hall, and is excited about what projects may be ahead. Rebecca doesn't do much, and Yousseff is a bit bored looking after her. He really wishes that something would happen to liven things up. Life in Redwood Harbour doesn't suit him, and though he loves his daughter very much he's starting to regret moving to the town so impulsively.

Of course, there are some benefits to living with Laura.... Even with their daughter in her crib in the same room, she's still up for a bit of fun! She's been so happy lately - she loves having Yousseff around, she adores Rebecca and her career is going from strength to strength. Yousseff feels bad about all the things he hasn't told her about, but he doesn't want to hurt her so he decides to remain quiet...

Laura got her first portrait client! Qiana Avalos paid her to take a photo of her. It's just for a visa application, so nothing exciting, but hopefully Qiana will tell her friends and Laura will get several more clients. Qiana paid $90 for the photo, but if Laura could get some jobs taking photos for modelling portfolios, or family portraits, the pay could be much better. She knows that she still has a lot to learn though - she's nowhere near an expert in photography yet. But she's determined that she will be one day....

Yousseff is sticking to his plan of pretending that everything is fine and that he, Laura and Rebecca are just a normal, happy family. Laura, blissfully unaware of his thoughts, thinks that they are a normal, happy family! She loves being a Mum, and spends as much time as she can with Rebecca, who is growing up fast and will be a toddler in a couple of days. Everything seems wonderful for her, but how long will that last?


  1. I'm very curious as to how Yousseff's storyline will play out. ^^

    Hopefully this Rebecca doesn't get MY nickname.

    Then she'd be Becky Buckland. o.o

  2. I really like this so far! I hope Yousseff doesn't end up hurting her. /:

  3. I really want to know what Yousseff is hiding from Laura now...